CrackGuard has gone wireless!

Last week during the JIP week in La Ciotat in France, we demonstrated for the first time CrackGuard's wireless funcionality to our JIP participants. This demo version of the wireless transmission gateway can communicate with the CrackGuard sensor units and shows the data on a built-in LCD touch screen with a web based interface and stores the data locally as well. Soon, the wireless functionality will be connected with a new line of sensor units so that we are ready for testing early 2017.

CrackGuard LT demonstration in Oslo

CrackGuard LT Demonstration
CrackGuard LT Demonstration

Last week during the FPSO Research Forum in Oslo, we demonstrated our new prototype, the CrackGuard LT, to our JIP participants. This prototype has an enhanced design which is very thin, flexible and has an optimized shape and improved electronics.

Thanks to all the participants who could join the meeting. Next CrackGuard JIP meeting will be on Thursday October 20 in the afternoon during the FPSO JIP Week held in La Ciotat, France.

New JIP Participants!

Rosen and Feubo

Welcome to our new JIP Participants: Rosen and Feubo. We are looking forward to our cooperation.

FPSO Forum Houston, October 2015

Underwater test CrackGuard LT in swimming pool

Last month the 35th FPSO Research Forum was held in Houston. Many thanks to ABS to host this successful event and also many thanks to our project participants that were present during our half-yearly CrackGuard progress meeting. Although not all the participants were able to attend this meeting, we were pleased to welcome some new potential participants like ROSEN, Fugro and Royal Roos. We had a good meeting in which we presented new experimental data, progress towards numerical model validation and we proudly presented the new CrackGuard protoype: the CrackGuard LT (Lateral Transmission).

Symposium "Energizing Fatigue"

TU Delft Research Exhibition DIG-it!

On 11 November 2014 the very first TU Delft Research Exhibition took place. At this event, TU Delft’s research community presented over 80 research projects that represent the breadth of research going on at TU Delft. CrackGuard was one of the research projects being presented at this event which was held in the TU Delft Library and had over 400 participants. It was good to see how much interest there was in our research project from all kinds of different industries and research groups.

FPSO Forum Busan, October 2014

Last week we had the final meeting of the CrackGuard JIP Phase I. The website is updated with all the slides, minutes and reports which can be found under "Private files". Phase II of the CrackGuard JIP will immediately start of which the first meeting will take place during the FPSO Forum in Delft from March 23rd to March 27th. All the participants will soon receive the revised contract for Phase II including the new scope of work for the coming four years. Thanks again for attending the meeting and for all your input with respect to in-service testing of the CrackGuard system.

FPSO Forum Monaco, March 2014

Thanks to all the participants that joined the meeting on Monday March 24th, we hope it was a useful meeting for you. We are happy with the good discussion after the presentations, we appreciate all your input in that. The meeting minutes and presentations can be found under "Private files", if you need any other information please feel free to contact me by e-mail. We hope to see you all again in Korea from October 13-17, 2014 and please be reminded that the next FPSO Forum is held in Delft from March 23-27, 2015.

FPSO Forum Houston, October 14-18

Demonstration CrackGuard 2D Prototype, Houston 2013

The CrackGuard project team would like to thank all participants for coming to the meeting on October 18 and for all your useful input. We hope that the meeting fulfilled your expectations, we think that especially the demonstration of the CrackGuard 2D Prototype was a great success. The meeting minutes and the presentation files are now uploaded under "Private files" and can be downloaded only by the ones that have an account. In case you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Welcome to the CrackGuard website!

The CrackGuard website is now operational and will be updated from this moment on. Every visitor can view the news articles on the homepage, the background of this JIP initiative and they can download the public files. The content under private files is being restricted and is exclusively for the JIP participants. To get access to these restricted pages and files you need to log in or create an account. We cannot stress enough that you will only be granted a user account if you are a JIP participant!

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