TU Delft Research Exhibition DIG-it!

On 11 November 2014 the very first TU Delft Research Exhibition took place. At this event, TU Delft’s research community presented over 80 research projects that represent the breadth of research going on at TU Delft. CrackGuard was one of the research projects being presented at this event which was held in the TU Delft Library and had over 400 participants. It was good to see how much interest there was in our research project from all kinds of different industries and research groups. At our stand we showed the video of the first CrackGuard prototype and we set up a small demonstration so that the visitors could play around with the CrackGuard 2D prototype themselves. The leaflets that were on the table can also be downloaded from the website under public files. Overall the event brought our research project quite some exposure and therefore it was a successful event. I would like to thank the organizers for the excellent organization of DIG-it 2014.