FPSO Forum Houston, October 2015

Underwater test CrackGuard LT in swimming pool

Last month the 35th FPSO Research Forum was held in Houston. Many thanks to ABS to host this successful event and also many thanks to our project participants that were present during our half-yearly CrackGuard progress meeting. Although not all the participants were able to attend this meeting, we were pleased to welcome some new potential participants like ROSEN, Fugro and Royal Roos. We had a good meeting in which we presented new experimental data, progress towards numerical model validation and we proudly presented the new CrackGuard protoype: the CrackGuard LT (Lateral Transmission). The CrackGuard LT has a new hexagonal shape, is flexible and is casted in silicone rubber. It even experienced its first underwater test when Erik "accidentally" threw the sensor in the outdoor swimming pool of the hotel while the rest was enjoying a cocktail. As you can see on the picture it was quite a challenge to get the sensor back out of the pool but thankfully these two ladies came to the rescue.

The next meeting will be on Monday April 18th 2016 during the 36th FPSO Research Forum held in Oslo, Norway. We hope to see all our project partners there and if you are not a participant yet and would like to join, please contact one of us.